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Law Firm Program

Enhancing your practice

Legal Directives, LLC assists estate planning attorneys in their desire to distinguish their practices by providing excellent service to their clients.

What makes our process unique is that each time you register a client with Legal Directives, we will fax a copy, with the recognition going to your firm, of your client's executed Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, and HIPAA Authorization Form to their primary care physician.

In addition to ensuring that your client's health care directives will be available when they are needed, you deliver a strong, consistent message to local physicians that your estate planning practice is committed to excellent client service.


  • Your client completes a one page enrollment application indicating emergency contact information, primary care physician information, with optional allergies and medical conditions information.
  • Your law firm faxes the completed application with signed copies of the Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, and a HIPAA Authorization Form to our TOLL FREE fax number. Additionally, you have the option of mailing copies of the documents and registration to our mailing address.
  • The client's primary care physician automatically receives a fax which prominently identifies your practice as the source of the executed Living Will, Health Care Power, and HIPAA Authorization Form.
  • Within three weeks of enrolling, your clients will receive their Emergency Access Wallet Card in the mail with your firm's sponsorship information featured on the card.
  • For law firms providing ongoing memberships to their clients as part of a client maintenance program, Legal Directives will renew the memberships through the law firm. Otherwise, Legal Directives will issue renewal notices to clients 45 days prior to the expiration of their initial membership.

PRICING: Please contact us for special law firm pricing.